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Psalm 3:5 (CEB)

I lie down, sleep, and wake up  because the Lord helps me.

It seemed that leading up to and including the one year blog anniversary a quiet has dropped like a heavy drape, not only covering this blog but my life.

I post and comment less on Facebook and my tweets are barely rippling enough to qualify as a chirp.

When God is working on and through us there are times when silence is the wisest choice.  As my fingers have been diligently working my heart and mind have also been busy.  During this silence I have been blessed by and with visits from loved ones and felt the Hand of God move repeatedly and steadily in our lives.

Today I released myself from the pressure of creating 200 knitted items. The frenetic pressure to attain that number was born from my desire to help others but help we shall.  December is not here, yet  and I have again turned  the matter to the Lord!   Joyfully, I honestly  have no idea what God has planned and I look forward with less pressure and heightened expectation!  Ultimately, my desire is  for God’s will to be done.

Making His praise glorious!


P.S. An angel dropped off 20 hats this morning!!   Thank you, Lord!!!

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Psalm 27:14 (CEB)

14 Hope in the Lord!   Be strong! Let your heart take courage!   Hope in the Lord!

Every single day we have the opportunity to walk beside, behind or in front of someone who needs to hear a word.  Today I thank God for the word HOPE!

My hope comes from the Lord.  When there are moments of doubt or fear my hope is in Him.  He  saved me, cleansed me and most of all allowed His precious son, Jesus, to shed his blood for me.   Thank you Father for your messages of  Love and Hope.   Thank you for the opportunities to point, direct and lead others to You!

Making His praise glorious!



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Deuteronomy 10:12 (CEB)

What the Lord requires

12 Now in light of all that, Israel, what does the Lord your God ask of you? Only this: to revere the Lord your God by walking in all his ways, by loving him, by serving the Lord your God with all your heart and being,

One year ago (10/7/2011) God and I embarked on a wonderful journey! The adage about time flying when we are having fun is so true. This year has been a period of building and testing extreme patience, joy but it also strengthened my faith and trust in God.

Upon reflection I have been humbled by the way God has directed, pulled and led me out of my comfort zone.

Not only have I been knitting words with God, I have been knitting to warm heads, necks, laps, and hearts. My most recent extended silence has been a result of meeting a challenge!

I was led to set a goal of donating 200 knitted, loomed or crocheted items by December!  When God leads don’t hesitate to dream big!  I have been knitting non-stop to meet that goal and have thankfully even been blessed to receive donations  of  yarn, hats and scarves!  One by one I  am watching the total drop with each hat or scarf.

What keeps me going? The joy that last month  46 pieces were taken on a mission trip to Turkey!  Talk about dreaming big, here I was trying to help locally, but God expanded the border.

It has been and continues to be a delight to do God’s will. I am humbly asking for  prayer as I not only complete this quest but endeavor to do as led by my awesome God!  I shall continue in

Making His praise glorious!


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Public Broadcasting Service

Public Broadcasting Service (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Psalm 71:16 (CEB)


16 I will dwell on your mighty acts, my Lord.   Lord, I will help others remember nothing but your righteous deeds.


The evening’s last comedy ended, yet my eyes were not yet heavy with sleep. Sleep Monday night was delayed in coming, so the surfing for something to watch until my eyes surrendered to sleep began.  Dancing and singing did not appeal to me, on I flipped until I hit PBS.


There on the screen was a pretty woman with a heavy accent and Meg Ryan, I was riveted.  The woman was discussing the Cambodian trafficking of little girls I saw on the screen, the youngest was three.


http://video.pbs.org/video/2283557115 – Half the Sky


I watched people who though oppressed  and having almost nothing partnered with others who understood that for the future girls and young ladies, education is the springboard to a better life and that any sacrifice is worth the hope it provides.


As the last image left the screen and I turned the television off the tears flowed as the Holy Spirit spoke to me.  He reminded me that I knit for hope, I knit so that in some small way someone is encouraged and able to feel the warmth and love from a sister, cities or even countries away.  I was reminded that any contribution no matter how small to the welfare of others does make a difference.


Making His praise glorious!








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